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Gumor TV - merry, easy and heartfelt channel for all family.

Ether is filled with funny plots, classic home and foreign comedies, transmissions and serials and animated cartoons.

Every hour it has operative and fresh news about local events, weather, bisness information, interesting aducative and entertaining progrsammes.

First All-Ukrainian Ecological channel "Eco TV" - Projects a unique information-analytical, informative and entertaining TV.

The channel - more than 30 programs of its own production, as well as the best documentaries in the world.

Interesting programs, latest news, exciting movies, musical greetings and cartoons for kids is on RAI air.

TV channel "#NASHE HD" - 100% of Ukrainian-language songs. #OUR hit-list of child's clips and exclusive premieres is from #Our stars!

ID Fashion team is accredited on the main world shows and backstages.