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The emotions we repress will We need alone time to process all our feelings.Sensitive people aren’t necessarily introverted, but we do need time to ourselves where we can reflect and re-charge.There’s a constant battle going on inside of us – do we keep the peace or do we stick to our principles?

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We worry that we’ve allowed ourselves to need someone. We try to hold things in, but our feelings always seep out.

We’re scared of being vulnerable so we bottle everything up, but the thing about stock-piling feelings is that there’s only so many we can fit in that bottle before it overflows.

Like other SIMS instruments, the SHRIMP microprobe bombards a sample under vacuum with a beam of primary ions that sputters secondary ions that are focused, filtered, and measured according to their energy and mass.

The SHRIMP is primarily used for geological and geochemical applications.

Even if it’s clearly coming from a place of love, we can’t handle it.