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'I feel,' she says, her eyes all misty, 'that I might as well be dead.

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this problem at the moment.' Then we get to the crux of the matter: the reason why I, and countless other vulnerable, bruised women are here, at the Starting Over Show (SOS, ha ha, how clever! We are all the victims of divorce or relationship breakdown. 'Everything has been taken from me - I have lost everything that I loved,' I tell Sophie.

(This is the point when I start crying.) I tell Sophie that I'm tired of waking up feeling unhappy, alone, unloved, old, unattractive. 'You wake up, you conjure an image of your ex-husband, you picture him betraying you with another woman, and you feel bad. We have to teach you a new recipe.' I got divorced in October 2007 after four turbulent years of marriage.

Used to the battleground of a marriage, and with only the rather dispassionate shoulder of a lawyer to cry on, many are susceptible to all the jaunty promises to 'make a new life' and 'find inner peace'.

The Starting Over Show is a curious mixture of the hard sell and the nauseatingly touchy-feely, which, as we all know, is the latest corporate marketing tool.

My friends made me feel such a fool for giving him a second chance. 'What I've gained from coming here today is that it's more helpful to talk to people who know the legality of a situation, who do not hate or blame or even know my ex.' When I challenge the show's organiser, Suzy Miller, on why on earth she needs to bother with all the alternative therapies and the balloons, she says it is because the idea for the show is 'for it not to be a combat zone'.


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