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And if I do get one it is very mild and goes quicker than before I took the supplements.

I have found no side affects of taking l-lysine and in my opinion is not toxic but quite the opposite.

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Tea tree oil is good and can soothe the pain of an outbreak.

I now take vitamin C, zinc and l-lysine daily and with a healthy diet low in l-arginine foods it really helps to suppress the outbreaks.

I have had very few breakouts with it and none in the last couple of years.

I am looking to stop taking this since I have read much info about its long term possible side effects......

:( How many mg of Lysine do you recommend to start off taking daily? It says take 2 capsues 3 times a day so 3000 mg, this sounds like a lot. I used to dial in on early warning signs and beat it, however the feelings are spreading and painfully lasting longer. sorebob i think this is one of those things the billionaire pharmaceutical corporations don't want people to know about. natural "herbal" type remedy that can almost "cure". It reversed my outbreak back to normal skin state, and did it FAST.