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It is for this reason that I seriously wish I was friends with Katy Perry. I’m not talking about lines of cocaine (although that definitely counts too) but rather well-rehearsed pickup lines.

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My last boyfriend tried to get me to call him—and I’m serious here—"footlong" but SHOCKER, I refused because everyone knows that you don’t get to makeup your own nickname. Source: WENNIt’s always tempting to repeat a joke you heard from Louis CK or Tosh.0, but you should NOT because you’re not a professional comedian.

Ditto with having a catchphrase--I'm looking at you Ryan Lochte! Would you try to recreate a dive you saw on the Olympics? But a true d-bag fancies himself just as funny as Chris Rock and will horrify you with regurgitated lines from his latest stand-up…in his voice. But on second thought, actually being Daniel Tosh isn’t much cooler. Source: WENNOh your name is Jenner—ohhhh wow how…how…incredibly lame.

Ooo why are you thinking about getting yours done?!?!

” Source: WENN And yes, Kim's ARE fake, trust me I have sources.

the flirting, the suggestive glances, and the tickle of a fingertip or that sensual caress.