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This work was entitled the Day Hours of the Church, and was compiled by the Benedictine Nuns of the Stanbrook Abbey.

(It is nearly impossible to even find a copy of this fine work these days, but I found one and have scanned it, and it is also available on my website.)This seems to be a good place to stop for the moment.

From about the 4th century certain psalms began to be grouped together, a process that was furthered by the monastic practice of daily reciting the 150 psalms.

This took so much time that the monks began to spread it over a week, dividing each day into hours, and allotting to each hour its portion of the Psalter.

I'm going to make a separate post of an article done by the Right Reverend Abbot Fernand Cabrol, OSB (of blessed memory), giving more information about the Divine Office, but here is a short description: The Divine Office has traditionally been divided into two major sections: Daytime, and Nighttime.